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How To Bug a Cell Phone Secretly For iPhone & Android

Let’s know bugging a cell phone. Are you looking at how to bug someone’s phone without them knowing? Now it may have been a simple thing to know how to bug a cell phone but the real thing is its usage. Now things are different. If you hear someone talking about phone tracking apps or bug devices you will know that they are talking about spy apps.

The technology not only offers parental control and employee monitoring features but much more. It is no longer limited to the target mobile phone device.

You can simply bug a cell phone with monitoring software to manage things. Spywares on the other hand have way different uses.

There was a time when terms like “bug” and “spy” were considered straightforwardly negative. Without any background knowledge or explanations, these types and personals associated with these tools were considered criminals.

Illegal bugging without the consent of the target person can put you in harms. Malware thus is used by criminals and hackers to bug into the cellphone of the third party. However, they can be installed remotely as well and are illegal. Here to find out how to bug someone’s cell phone let’s find out about it without wasting any more time.

What Means Bugging a Cell Phone?

Bugging a cell phone is a type of monitoring someone’s digital devices without knowing them. You can spy on iPhone and Android text messages, call history, record phone calls, GPS location, Phone Gallery, Social media app chats, browsing history, online activities, and many other things without having the knowledge of the target person.

Can Someone Bug a Cell Phone & Why You Are Needed?

Bug Kid & employee digital devices

Yes, you can use an application to bugging a cell phone for Kids & employee monitoring. You are parents and no have an idea about their children what do something on smart devices.

Parents can know about any suspicious activity by keeping a check on the target kids’ activities through a tracking app. When it comes to teenagers’ there are connected to smartphones. So, this is the best way to keep an eye on them.

Are you looking for a program to track the employee’s work and productivity level at the workplace? Let’s know how to bug on employee’s phone. We are talking about the best way to monitor the employee’s work activities.

You can know what type of text is sent and received on the target device. When you need to monitor or track someone’s devices, so would use the best hidden tracking apps for iPhones, Android, and PCs.

How To Bug a Cell Phone with the Best Tracking Apps

The internet can be a frightening and unpredictable place, especially for parents. It can be incredibly nail-biting trying to shield your kids pertaining to the web and all of the social media, applications, and websites that come with it.

Fortunately, there are parental control applications to assist you in monitoring your broods’ activities so that you can heave a sigh of relief.

However, numerous options are available, making it hard to determine which is perfect. If you are seeking an application to aid you in tracking your kids & employees. We have vetted some of the best spy apps that work without a target phone. Just need one-time access to the target device to install the application.

Indeed, to keep your kids and employees safe online, you need an employee monitoring or parental control solution that monitors all your kids’ & company devices. How to bug someone’s phone without knowing them? The below-mentioned apps have the best cross-platform performance in our tests.


FlexiSpy is the right choice. If you are searching for a parental & employee tracking application that will aid you in managing your offspring’s screen time. You can use it to do everything from recording phone calls, text messages, GPS location, instant messenger apps chat and record VoIP calls and many other things the smartphone remotely.

Moreover, FlexiSpy permits you to block websites/applications, set up internet and website filters, and create alerts for when unknown folks contact your kid. If you have an adolescent who drives, this application allows you to track their speed and will notify you whenever they drive faster.

FlexiSpy application inspires children to sign off early and store some of their minutes to utilize later as a fun time. It works with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems, and you can connect to target devices to an account.


It is a Hidden & undetectable app.

Best customer support.

The app offers an online real-time control panel.

You can track users’ online & offline activity.

No Required Android-rooted devices.


Required jailbreak for Advance features.

It’s an expensive app.


Three Price packages:

FlexiSpy cost price

Lite $29.95 per month

Premium plan for $79 per month, Three Month price plan for $119, and one Year plan for $179.

Extreme plan for $199 per month, 3-month plan for $239, and 12-month package price for $419.


Best Spy App for Android without Access To Target Phone

TheOneSpy is our pick for the finest overall parental & employee monitoring software for Mac, Android & iPhone. The software is offering you a complete set of features to help you in keeping your broods safe and sound. It helps you regulate your kids’ & employees’ digital activities.

TheOneSpy allows you to capture screenshots from the target device every few seconds and send them to you. You can monitor text messages and browsing history, record & listen to live incoming and outgoing calls secretly and hear the phone’s surroundings via microphone and cameras.

It lets you keep an eye on and read chat conversations, voice calls, voice messages, and VoIP calls on messaging and social media apps. With this tracking app, you can track the target device’s location, like precise whereabouts, GPS location history, and route maps.

Besides, you can block sites with URLs/words, and unwanted installed apps. Users can also set the limit screen time of the target phone. It also enables you to crack passwords and monitor emails, photos, videos, and music files. Best of all, it works efficiently on all operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows.


Don’t need a rooted Android device for advanced features.

Record Phone calls & also record VoIP Calls

Track Browsing History & Block Web/App

Hidden Screen Recording of the device

TheOneSpy Cheap Spy App for Android, Windows, Mac

It works in hidden/ stealth mode

All data sync speedy, it is providing Secure & reliable service. 


Need jailbreak for iPhone

The app remote installation is impossible


XLite: Cost plan price for one month is $25, Quarterly $15/per month, and Yearly $6.25/per month

Premium: The cost plan package for one month is $55, Quarterly is $36.7/ month, and yearly is $15.5/month.


mSpy screen tracker app

mSpy is a powerful amazing parental control app with all the features you can expect from tracking apps. It permits you to set and manage daily screen time limits and control how much time your kid uses the smartphone daily.

Its app-blocking feature helps you keep your children away from inappropriate websites and apps. App monitoring includes the tremendously popular YouTube, so your kids don’t risk accessing unsuitable videos.

This app works on various devices, including, tablets, and cell phones, and works on multiple operating systems Android & iOS.


Block unwanted Apps/web

Restricted phone calls

Track all online activity

Quick Customer Support


Detectable older Kids find & can delete easily

Required jailbreak & Rooted phones


Month cost price $48.99

3 Months cost price 27.99/month

12 Months cost price $11.66/month


Eyezy is providing services to thousands of families and businesses. The powerful monitoring app function is that works secretly to monitor all data of the target phone. All synced information automatically transfers to the online account.

Eyezy’s features and power are perfect for iOS, and Android families with many kids & employees. The app is offering almost all the features a caregiver can anticipate from one of the best tracking applications, including time scheduling and geofencing.

Users can see GPS location of someone, and web filtering, and tracking capabilities work on Android and iOS, but its time grants are only for its Android and iPhone software.

Nonetheless, it has powerful web filters, tracks YouTube and Hulu, and has a School time feature to keep kids concentrated during remote-learning class time.


Track all Instant messenger chat & VoIP Call Recording

Keylogger Feature work in all operating system like Android OS,  iOS,

GPS Location Tracking & view history

Live Camera streaming & recording of device

Hidden/ Stealth mode

All OS & iOS versions Supported (Android phones, Tablet, iPhone, iPad,)


Required jailbreak for iPhone


Three Price Packages Plans:

Android phones: One month price $47.99, Three month cost $27.99 per month, Annual price $120.

iPhones: One month cost $47.99, 3months price is $27.99, 12 months costs $9.99 per month.


Hoverwatch review

HoverWatch is the best option. If you are seeking an approach to track text & call logs, record phone calls, and social media usage among teens and older children. It can track the GPS location of the target mobile phone and alerts Sim card change receive notifications at the online control panel.

HoverWatch parental & tracking app guarantees your kids are protected from cyberbullying, adult content, and unsuitable language by skimming through chat conversations and social media posts for red flags.

It blocks content in real-time. HoverWatch’s downside is that it does not control screen usage and cannot block content within applications.


It’s Work in stealth mode

It’s run rooted & un-rooted Android devices

You can record phone calls secretly

Take screenshot remotely   


Manually installation process


Hoverwatch price

The Hoverwatch app Offers three price plans:

Personal: For one month $25, three months $60, 12-months $100

Professional: For 5 devices month is $50, 3-months $100, 12-months $200

Business: For 25 devices month $150, 3-months $300, 12-months $500

How to Bug a Cell Phone Remotely for iPhone & Android Devices

If you want to track your phone remotely, are searching for how to bug a phone without knowing them? Before bugging a cell phone you are following some steps:

First, Bundle Selection How to Bug Someone’s iPhone & Android

App or bundle selection is the first step in bugging a cellphone. Make sure to visit the site and ask any queries from the responsible entities beforehand. Most of the best tracking app offers customer care support to their users.

Any form of query or misunderstanding can be resolved while using the service. If you are in the testing phase and want a trial period, try to choose the bundle that offers services for a minimum period. So if in the future you are not satisfied with the service or want to switch the app it will not be a regrettable yet time taking process.

Account Formation

Once you have finalized the app or bundle types the next step is account formation. Keep in mind to not share a form of personal login data or information with the users. As the whole bugging data recorded by the app can be accessed with the given information.

Efficient tracker apps offer cloud-based services. Thus it is easy for the user to access the portal at any time from anywhere without any hurdle.

Physical Access Assurance:

Next comes the most important step the installation of the cell phone bug app. Keeping mind that malware that can be installed remotely without the consent of the target is illegal.

On the other hand, a monitoring app offers excellent services but comes with conditions. The first and major one is that physical access to the target mobile phone is required at the initial level. You can simply install the app on the target device remotely.

Installation for Bugging a Cell Phone:

Once you have physical access to the target cellphone, all you are required to do is follow easy steps. The installation is a comfortable step and usually takes not more than 5-7 minutes depending upon the user end model.

How to Bug a Phone Without Touching It?

With installation comes the end of the initial process. Now you can easily listen to the surroundings of the target through their mobile device. Best tracker Apps offer bugging features that allow them to know everything that happens around the microphone of the target device.

It can be live chat, some random discussion, a record phone call, a video call with a client, a chat with a digital buddy during gaming, and much more. All this and more fun activities can be done without even letting the target know. The stealth mode makes the bugging much more fun for employers and parents.

TheOneSpy, FlexiSpy, mSpy, Eyezy, and HoverWatch, are some of the best apps that offer exciting features. Besides its usage to bug a cell phone, one can get benefits from many other operating systems as well. As the app that offers different versions for all types of users. Thus you can enjoy the services for your cell phone android and iPhone, or your laptop or desktop with Windows and Mac monitoring software.

Is it legal To Bug Someone’s Cell Phone?

Legal use of such apps while following the law and rules brings so much easy in daily life. As too much dependence on the digital world is already a headache, smooth working is the only way out of trouble. That is only possible by using a tracker app or monitoring software.


Is it possible to bug someone’s phone without knowing them? Of course, it is possible if you have already installed a tracking app on the target devices.

The tracker apps work remotely; Users can monitor kids, employees, and someone’s phone activities without having access to the target mobile phones.