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How To See Someone’s Location on iPhone By Location Tracker

At many points, we find ourselves in need to see someone’s location due to security reasons or for the children’s protection. In this situation, using third-party applications is one of the best options, and these location tracker apps can assist you in finding the exact location of any targeted person. You may also need to locate your lost mobile phone.

These apps are specially designed for tracking the location. These apps use GPS capabilities to locate exactly where your targeted person is. To start monitoring the location, you need to download the software into the targeted device, and after the configuration process, it will begin tracking the device’s location.

You can monitor your targeted person’s every movement on the map interface. Always use these apps ethically and do not respect other person privacy.

Top Location Tracking Apps for Parents and Employers

Parents and employees should keep tabs on the kids; workers’ locations. It helps in their safety and holds a record of workers’ productivity. As a parent or employer, monitoring devices children and employees use is essential for safety and productivity. The top five location tracker apps for parents offer robust features to help ensure responsible technology use.

TheOneSpy: Complete monitoring for ultimate control.

FlexiSpy: Advanced monitoring at your fingertips.

mSpy: Trusted app for parental monitoring.

KidsGuard: Comprehensive device monitoring and security.

OgyMogy: Parental and employee monitoring made easy.

How To See Someone’s Location on iPhone & Android

You should use the technology that is evolving, like TheOneSpy, FlexiSpy, and mSpy apps. These are applications that work on iPhone & Android devices.

We know that more than 92% of teens own a cellphone device. So, it is more accessible than ever before to perform teen location tracking for their safety.

 You may look forward to buying a new phone for your teen or employee. So, it is best to set location tracker solutions on new devices.

Users can visit the location tracker webpage and get a subscription following the iOS or OS of the teen or employee’s cell phone device.

You will receive an email with credentials. Further, get a one-time access smartphone and install the application. You can log in to your online dashboard and use the following features to track teens or employees 24/7.

How to See or Track Someone’s Location With Advanced Features

Live GPS Location Tracker

GPS location tracking is the best feature that empowers users to see someone’s location on their iPhone or Android in real-time. You can now see where your target person is using Google Maps in the online dashboard.

Location History

You can also track the location history of the teens or employees. Users can track daily and weekly location history, and you will see the pop-ups of the location following the days and weeks.


Users can set Geo-fence on Google Maps, which will send you alerts via email. Users will get to know where their teens or employees are heading, either to the safe zone or a dangerous one.

Route Maps

Users can also watch routes their teens or employees follow to reach a specific location in an entire day. The best tracking apps for iPhones are the best solution for tracking locations for their safety.

Best Location Tracker Apps for Android And iPhone

Tracking the location of someone can be helpful for the security of someone. Location tracker apps offer a convenient solution for monitoring the location of someone.

Further, we will tell you about the top location-tracking apps you can utilize on Android and iPhone to track location. By reading this, you can make the right decision according to your monitoring needs.

TheOneSpy: Location Tracking App


TheOneSpy is a powerful multi-device tracker app that monitors Android and iOS devices. It allows you to view the target device’s location in real-time and location history with details like addresses visited and duration of stay.

TheOneSpy is a powerful tool for monitoring locations and activities on target devices. With responsible use, it can be an effective solution for location and employee monitoring. But for most parents, less invasive apps are probably a safer choice for tracking children.

Some of the Critical Features of TheOneSpy include:

Tracks location in real-time:

TheOneSpy uses GPS and Wi-Fi to pinpoint monitored devices’ locations. Parents can view the location on a map, see the address, get directions, and receive alerts when a device leaves or enters a geofenced area.

Monitors messaging and call logs:

TheOneSpy gives insight into which kids and employees communicate with by recording messages, SMS messages, and call history details like date, time, duration, and phone number.

Takes screenshots:

TheOneSpy has an advanced feature of taking screenshots of specific activities when needed.

Runs in stealth mode:

TheOneSpy can operate without the user’s knowledge of discreet monitoring. The app icon disappears from the app menu, and notifications are disabled.

TheOneSpy provides comprehensive tracking and reporting across devices for employers and parents serious about location monitoring.

When choosing a location tracker app, consider your specific needs, technical expertise, and budget to find the right solution to fit your requirements. With responsible use, these apps can provide valuable insights and peace of mind regarding the whereabouts of your most valued assets – your children and employees.

FlexiSpy: Advanced Location Tracker App

FlexiSpy is one of the most advanced employee and child location tracker apps. It offers many useful features for monitoring devices and informing users of their whereabouts.

Location Tracker:

FlexiSpy provides location tracking through GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower positioning. It can track locations in real-time or view location history to see where a device has been.

Location data with Timestamp:

Location data and timestamps allow you to create location alerts to be notified when a user enters or leaves a designated area.

Call recording:

FlexiSpy app offers logs of messages, calls, apps used, and websites visited. It can record phone calls and ambient noise using the microphone.

The app takes periodic screenshots, letting you see exactly what is on the screen. All of this data is viewable through an online control panel.

This app also gives you access to geofencing, a feature that sets up virtual barriers around locations of your choice.

You will receive an alert if the target device enters or exits one of these locations. Geofencing helps set location-based reminders or ensure a child stays within approved areas.

FlexiSpy cost price

mSpy: How To See Someone’s Location on iPhone & Android

mSpy is one of the most popular and user-friendly location-tracking apps. It lets you discreetly monitor your child’s or employee’s smartphone and tablet activities.

Real-time location updates:

Get real-time updates of the target device’s location, including address, coordinates, and a map view. Location updates can be set to intervals as frequent as every 30 seconds.


Set up email or SMS alerts to notify you when certain events occur, such as when the device is low on battery.

Historical location tracker:

View the location history and get reports on the device’s location. This allows you to see past locations and travel routes.


By tracking the real-time location, you can ensure that the person is telling the truth and that it is where he should be.

In summary, mSpy provides a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for remotely monitoring the location and activities of smartphones and tablets.

However, it does require due diligence to use it legally and responsibly. With the proper precautions taken, mSpy can be a beneficial service for child safety and employee management.

ClveGuard: Discreet Live Mobile Location Tracker

Kidsguard Pro Review 2022 Clevguard Safety App for Parental

KidsGuard is one of the top live GPS tracker apps allowing users to track any device’s real-time location. You can follow any device without the knowledge of the targeted person.

It gives you the accurate real-time location of the targeted person. After monitoring the real-time site of the targeted person, it will transmit all the monitored data to the user web portal. You can access all the monitored data from the user well portal in your free time.

Some of the Key Features of ClveGuard:

  • Real-time GPS tracker with location details
  • View location history and addresses visited
  • Geofencing to set location limits and get alerts if crossed
  • View detailed activity reports and statistics
  • More advanced plans with additional capabilities are also available at a higher but still budget-friendly price.

Some see constant location tracking and monitoring as an invasion of privacy. Ensure you inform the person you are tracking that their device is being monitored.

In summary, KidsGuard Pro is a robust, full-featured GPS tracker app for keeping tabs on mobile devices.

For parents, employers, and individuals who need an effective tracker solution.

ClveGuard is worth considering despite some potential downsides regarding privacy and cost. With responsible and ethical use, it can provide valuable location insights and peace of mind.

OgyMogy: Affordable yet Powerful

OgyMogy is an affordable yet powerful location-tracking app for Android devices. For parents on a budget, OgyMogy provides essential monitoring capabilities at a lower cost than competitors.

Stealth mode:

OgyMogy operates in stealth mode, so the user will not know they are being monitored. This is ideal if you want to observe behaviors when the individual does not know they are being tracked.

Location tracking:

Pinpoint the device’s location in real-time using GPS, Wi-Fi networks, and cell tower data—view location history and geofencing alerts when the device enters or leaves a specified area.

Message monitoring:

Read SMS text messages, iMessage, WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, and more. View message content, contact names, dates, and time stamps.

Web history and app usage:

See which websites were visited and applications were used, including time spent on each. Block inappropriate websites and apps if desired.

While a relatively new entrant, OgyMogy provides a compelling set of location trackers and monitoring features at an affordable price point for parents and small businesses on a budget.

For basic needs, OgyMogy represents an attractive and cost-effective solution.

How Does Location Tracking App Work?

The location tracking feature works differently on both iPhone and Android devices.

In iPhone devices, phone location data is always synced in iCloud. To track this data, you need to verify the host’s iCloud credentials in the dashboard. That’s all you need to do for an iPhone.

Everything runs smoothly without you touching the host’s device. Sounds like a private spy, doesn’t it?

For Android devices, things are a little different as you have to install an app on your Android phone. However, once you installed it, it will go under the hood, and its icon will vanish from the app screen in seconds.

Only you, with a secret key, can bring the icon again. It does all work in the background without taking much battery power and local space. Also, from the dashboard, you can uninstall the app remotely with just one click.

Reasons That Would Force Parents and Employees to Track Someone’s Location

Why parents should follow the location of their kids. Many psychologists have raised the question that location tracking sometimes is confusing. Who owns the Safety of meander kids?

Is either parent accountable for the teen’s Safety or the teens themselves? Parents face many challenges in protecting their kids and teens from online dangers. Parents should know the worth of tracking kids’ location. Today, we discuss the reasons and solutions to keep tabs on your child’s Safety Measures.

Track where your Teens have been with their friends

Parents should look after the teens when they are with friends in vehicles. Parents should track their location on highways where they could face heavy traffic.

You should follow the time-to-time location of your teens. Also, prevent your kids’ usage of cell phones and the internet behind the wheel. Parents should use technology to block calls, messages, and the internet while driving with their peers.

Protect your Children from Abduction by your X Partner

People in complex relationships often disturb their kids. Separated couples often prosecute each other for the custody of their kids. Your X partner can abduct your child and take him without your permission. Single mothers and fathers can prevent child abduction by tracking their kids’ location.

Installing a location tracker app on your teenager or minor’s cellphone is possible. You will learn about the site, location history, and route of your abducted child.

You need not scratch your head where your child is because you will see your child’s precise location. You can determine where your child is and who has taken your underage teens without permission.

Keep Watching Your Kids with Peers in Neighborhood Surroundings

Hookup culture, drug abuse, and teens lured by sex offenders are rising. So, parents must track their teen’s location. Sex offenders are everywhere, and they could be in your surroundings.

They can also lure teens to meet them in person and ask them for a blind date.

Dating apps on cell phones and social media, teens often meet with strangers.

 Location trackers would disclose things about teens with discreet relationships with strangers and predators. Let’s protect your teens in your neighborhood by tracking their GPS location.

Track the Location of the Son or Daughter for their Safety

Teenage is a stage where parents have to grant freedom. Also, parents become more careful about their Safety. You could have faced heated arguments between you and your teens, but the location tracker of teens will change it forever.

You can tell your teens that you want to track their location for their Safety. Teens could initially feel insecure, but logical discussions will change their minds. Always respect your teens’ privacy, but be active for their Safety.

 You can encourage your teens for anything they want to but ensure their Safety. You can tell your teens how important the security of your child is.

Rather than being an authoritarian parent, become a virtual helicopter parent for your teens.

Reasons Employers Might Track Their Workers’ Location:

Ensuring Productivity:

Employers can use a location tracker app to ensure workers are productive. This can ensure the employees are at the assigned location and not wasting their time.

Monitoring work-related Activities:

Employers can also use it to monitor work-related activities and their devices. This way, they can ensure employers are indulging in productive activities.

Enhancing Safety:

It helps locate the employers’ real-time activities to ensure workers’ safety, primarily when they work in high-risk environments.

Can Parents Track Teen’s Activities?

Manual teen tracking is possible, but it would be tough. Your teens would mind it, and heated arguments become imminent. The following ways empower you to track your kids’ location.

Check your Teens’ Cell Phones Regularly

Parents can secretly access teens’ cell phones if they are not password-protected. You can see their social media chats to know to whom they are talking and their plans with friends. Your teens may have plans to meet with someone special.

You can further explore the phone and learn about the location she has decided on. What would their parents do if she had protected her cell phone with a password?

Chase Down Your Kids When Going Outside the House

Would you chase down your kids manually all day long? Do you have enough time to stick with your child 24/7?

Would it be easy for parents to protect kids and know where they go and whom they meet daily? So, parents must believe in teen location tracking. Let’s find out the best location tracker app installed on your teen’s cellphone to keep tabs on teens.


In today’s connected world, keeping track of loved ones and staying updated on their whereabouts can be difficult. Location tracker apps offer a solution by providing continuous location updates and alerts.

As parents or employees, by tracking the real-time location, you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids and workers are in a safe location.

After considering the features of every app, you can find the app that will fulfill the need of your monitoring and match your budget.

Consider your priorities and the level of detail you require, then select an app like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, mSpy, FlexiSpy, or KidsGuard. Location tracking apps give you peace of mind, and you can stay t the top of where people are and ensure their safety.

You can make sure the security and privacy of your loved ones and can help them to stay safe by using digital tools.