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Hoverwatch Review: Spy App for Android & MAC PCs Devices

If you have seen more spy app reviews on different platforms previously, then you must focus attention that every spy app performs its function similarly. Let’s discuss the Hoverwatch review.

They evoke the information from the target device, and this appears in your online dashboard secretly. The data of messages, SMS is revealed just with the text, and the images and videos are revealed from the same photos and videos.

This is the elementary technique of its functioning that all the monitoring apps follow. But Hoverwatch is one best app that influence us by adopting several tracking techniques.

Using the Hoverwatch spy app, you can fully monitor almost all of the activities of your children and your employees.

It makes sure to take screenshots quickly of the current movement and access all applications of the targeted device. So that you have full information about what’s going on on your targeted devices (Phone & PC) every sees the single second of the day.

So, You can read how effectively it works in our Hoverwatch app review. And see if it can able to monitor child’s digital gadgets with the flexible feature of screenshots.

Hoverwatch App Review

We are discussing the following functions

Hoverwatch App Compatibility

How to install Hoverwatch App On Android, MAC & Windows PCs

Flexible Features Of Hoverwatch

Subscription plans for Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch FAQs you need to know

Hoverwatch App Compatibility

The complete monitoring of targeted devices like  Android phones, MAC, and Windows PC can only be possible if Hoverwatch is compatible with it. If you need to track someone’s devices secretly, Then It’s best to know whether the device is compatible with the app or not.

Hoverwatch can use on Android, Windows PCs, and MAC devices. The app supports with latest Windows PC, and Android versions & also runs on old Android version 4.0.

HoverWatch App for Android

If an application doesn’t hold up an Android device, so its means that the tracking software can’t stay anymore in the market.

But luckily, this does not happen in the case of Hoverwatch. This software performs its functions smoothly with Android devices. So, if your companion uses an Android smartphone, Hoverwatch can be your selection.

How To Install HoverWatch App on Android

How To Install Hoverwatch On Target Devices Like iPhone, Android Phone

Complete spy software for parents is only possible to perform their work after doing the correct installation of the application on the target device. More, some steps have to be followed on your device as well.

So, it’s necessary to know it and learn in-depth about the setup and installation of smart digital devices.

Setting Up Of Your Device – Making an Account Of the Hoverwatch app

Go to the official spy software website using your device and click on the Sign up free option at the top right side.

Now, set up the email and password for your account and tap on Sign up free after accepting the terms of service of the app.

Now, select the package that is suitable for you and follow your monitoring causes. You can also observe this software for free before spending some amount on Hoverwatch. This software provides a 3-day free trial to make sure whether Hoverwatch should be your selection or not.

Setting Up Of the Target (Child/Employee & Someone’s) Device

With these three simple steps, you can spy on the target Android device. But the installation process of the Spy app still needs to be done on the target device.

Inside your spying app account, you get a link to download the software on the Dashboard of the target mobile phone, type the URL, and press enters and download the app.

After the installation of this application on the targeted cell phone device, it can be used.

Hoverwatch will ask you whom you want to monitor with their service. Select your child’s device, as your answer. If you want to keep spying on your employees using these same features, click on Employee device.

Don’t forget to check the box that conditions Hide spying app icons if you want to track a cell phone secretly. Click on OK after that.

The next step is to open the page to ask you to take the official terms of the monitoring app. Now check ‘I have seen, read, and understand all the terms then click on I ACCEPT it.

Choose the applications you would like to track on the target device by checking the box close to the several things and tap on OK.

Next, you have to log in to the Hoverwatch monitoring application by using the same terms that were used to sign up on your device.

For the complete monitoring of the companion’s smart devices, certain permissions have to be set on Hoverwatch. These consents include contacts, location, photos, calls, etc.  Click on ALLOW to provide those permissions.

That’s time to provide some other permissions to get selfies unlock, the device activates the data access, and disables the notification of an application. This can allow being given by simply tapping on YES.

After the application is successfully installed, the targeted device is all set to get tracking by using the Hoverwatch portal on your device remotely.

Best Features of Hoverwatch App for Android

The reports section of the mobile tracking app is where you can find every new update from the target device that gets provided. So, you can see in detail, what all those updates that you will get.

Call Recording

A full recording system of your targeted device can provide full detail of the conversation of both sides. It is important thing that it makes sure the voice quality is clear from both sides. And parents can listen to their conversations with others. Hoverwatch app feature work hidden call recorder without an icon.

You can remotely listen to the phone call audio press on the Play Audio sign, or Download it and listen whenever you feel like it.

Track GPS Location

It’s quite difficult to know the location of kids and your loved ones. The user wants to know the current location. And if you lost the phone it has increased the tension more as the time elapses while the phone is still not contactable.

So location tracker apps for mobile make the latter one possible. It simply shows you the current location where the target cell phone is present right now.

SMS Tracker

SMS service considers the most important and popular tool to exchange messages with other people. It gives the most comfortable way to send text and media to others.

It has become common for people to receive fake text that is based on getting personal information. Innocent people share their personal information without knowing how can it danger for them.

The Best tracking app for iPhone provides notification services that give information about the latest text on the targeted device.

Track Browsing History

With a single click, the kids can enter the world of adult content filled with pornography, gore stuff, drugs, weapons, political hatred, racism, and everything that throttles their mentality to the lowest level.

They are involved in the addiction of watching adult content. So Hoverwatch continuously takes control of the web history of the targeted device.

Camera Access

This amazing feature stays to disclose all the activities that the target person is currently doing at any time. And to provide a surety that the person is fully safe and secure.

The app makes sure to take the target’s selfie, at the time they unlock their mobile. Even though for us, it is not happening as same when the targeted device unlocks by their mobile phones.

The mobile spy does take several images at any time individually of your loved one using their phone.

You defiantly need to know that, we didn’t receive a single image that is clicked by the back camera, and from the front camera all the photos images.

The important thing is that you can also see the current location where that image was taken. Users can mark that image as a favorite one. This can also help to get access to the photos.

 It can help to use the delete option to get rid of unwanted material like images while ignoring the unwanted stuff of the Hoverwatch account.

The posting time of the photo on the dashboard can be seen as well.

Spy on Instagram

Instagram is a connection of million and a billion people. We all know very well that a wide amount of people sharing media like photos and videos that are uploaded on Instagram daily is not at all friend.

These videos and images can be interlinked to nudity, drugs, violence, or other harmful activities that are not good for children to watch it.

Similarly, if you suspect your teens of an affair, they might be having long conversations over Instagram and you might catch them red-handed.

Well, the Instagram spy app provides screenshots from all sides of the Instagram app.

If you find anyone or any page with adult content you can stop access to it anymore with evidence. 

Similarly, you can also come to know how much your kid explores Instagram.

So the screenshot gives an overview of the searches of media like and watch by your kid. 

With the help of tracking app screenshots an eye look on all activities. 

Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Other Social Media

As same like Instagram, Hoverwatch monitors all other social media networking like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and more.

You can also monitor the updates of kids posting on Whatsapp. It also makes you able to watch the daily updates about your kids and also claims with these screenshots you can find the kid’s friend. 

All of the messages on Snapchat can be seen with the best quality screenshot that is provided

HoverWatch Keylogger Makes Monitoring Easy

The keystroke feature of the app makes it easy to monitor children’s and employees’ digital devices like Android phones, computers, and Macs.

This tool allows the users access to the target device and users can know about hidden account passwords and keep an eye on all activities.

Hoverwatch Review Packages Plans

Hoverwatch price

Hoverwatch has three different packages for users. You will keep on your eye your partner, child, and employees safe. If you want to secure your company by monitoring the employees, there’s a plan for you as well. Up to 25 devices are suitable.

The Personal package is for single devices that have a single child to monitor.

The personal package price is $24.95/month. If you want to save a lot of money then choose the 3 months or 12 months plan.

If users have more than one child then choose the Professional plan. Through this plan monitor up to 5 devices. The package costs $49.95/month, You can save a huge amount go for 3 months or 12 months plan.

The third is the Business plan. It’s designed to monitor employee’s activities that are acceptable for the company

The cost of 25 devices for the business plan is $149.95/month. The amount for the 3 months is $299.95 or $499.95 for 12 months plan.

HoverWatch App for MAC/ Windows

Almost every parent is bound to give smart devices to their parents. The main reason is the numerous fruitful dynamics of cell phones.

But computers and laptops can prove to be equally dangerous for teens and tweens if it used for the same purpose. The computer monitoring app understands these worries of the parents and includes Windows and Mac in their tracking list.

How to Install Hoverwatch On MAC & Windows PCs


Is Hoverwatch Hidden or Undetectable?

Yes, this app has the best spying & tracking features. It works in stealth mode without knowing the targeted person. If the targeted person wants to find out about Hoverwatch but, can’t find it. The app has a hide icon, so that the target device user would not detect it.

Is Hoverwatch App Secure?

Yes, Hoverwatch is a secure and reliable app you can use to track your children, employees, or any loved one. The app offers different tracking features and users can set it to work in Stealth Mode. So the target person no way knows about its existing on their phone.

Do You Need a Rooted Android Device to install Hoverwatch?

No, if you are going to use Hoverwatch on Android device, then no required root.

You just need physical access to the target device to install the application. This software work on both devices rooted & non rooted.

If you want to use extra features, so Hoverwatch provides some more settings for rooted phone.

Is Hoverwatch Spy App Free?

Hoverwatch has no free plans for users but, offers 3-day free trial for new users. This is the best spy software for PC, Android, and Mac in the online world market. If you want to use all features of the Hoverwatch app then, get paid plan subscription.


Hoverwatch is the amazing spy software for Android, MAC & windows that allows spying on all activities of the targeted device. It is considered the safest and most secure tool to monitor digital devices secretly.