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4 Best Video Editing Programs for Editing Video Blogs

Video editing is becoming increasingly popular and common, and people are making and sharing more and more video blogs in their daily lives in an amateur way. Given this demand, there are currently lots of intuitive and practical video editing programs that anyone can use. Today, even on your smartphone, you can do a little video editing quickly.

However, in the midst of so many options you may be asking yourself, “But which one should I try? ” That’s why we’ve listed the top video editing apps for your editing video blogs. Now all you have to do is have the features you’re looking for and have fun.

Let’s start by introducing the most basic editing programs, ending with professional video editing programs.


When you want to make amazing video blogs and slide shows online, FlexClip will be your first choice. It has some basic video editing features for creating videos for YouTube and other online streaming sites. All you need to do is open the Google browser and upload the files, and you can edit the files on a schedule to make videos with ease. It is possible to rotate and adjust video clips, paste multiple video clips, but also add text, music and turn a set of photos into some awesome videos into exciting video blogs and slideshows. It also allows sharing on various sites like Facebook, Youtube and Google Drives. The tool has a free plan that has the ability to export videos with a FlexClip watermark.


Magisto is a very versatile application, as well as being able to edit video blogs, and you can also turn your photos into clips automatically. The ‘smart’ automatic editor can analyze the content of photos and videos on your phone on your own, creating a beautiful video without you having to do anything. All you need to do is select the photos and music you want and everything happens like magic! You will have amazing videos with your favorite songs. Therefore, with artificial intelligence, Magisto facilitates editing and is an ally for those who have no knowledge of video production. At the same time, only the video for personal use is available free of charge.


It is the application for Android and iOS designed to work on videos recorded with GoPro action cams and allows, therefore, to exploit the information obtained from the accelerometer of the camera during recording. If you don’t have a GoPro, Quik still has the requirements to become your next favorite app. In addition to not presenting any advertising, allows you to edit videos in high resolution, insert titles and apply a non-copyrighted soundtrack to your video, so as not to risk being censored once your work is published online. The audio control is rather limited, so I would not recommend it for editing tutorials and video blogs, and it does not allow the possibility of choosing what concerns the proportions of the imported file. You will not be able to edit videos of rectangular dimensions, which will be automatically cut out to fit into a square.


FilmoraGO is an extremely versatile application for cutting, retouching and editing videos and photographs with high-quality results. It also allows you to assemble movies and images, superimpose graphics, insert transitions between clips and apply effects and themes to your video. Unlike Quik, Filmora enables you to choose the proportions to be applied to the final product, thus adapting to sharing on different social networks, and can be used as an editor for video blogs and tutorials. It also features an audio mixerdecidedly advanced, with separate controls for the original video track and for those inserted in post-production, whether they are soundtracks or recordings added later. The only rather obvious defect of Filmora is the difficulty of managing the texts, which often do not respond to the changes applied.