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Establish Your Fashion Brand to Be the Next King through Instagram Marketing

According to PEW Research Center,no less than 55% Americans are under the influence of Instagram to variable extents. Becoming such a major driving force in the world of social media and modern marketing, Instagram is without a doubt the place to be for fashion brands.

Of course, fashion brands are some of the biggest in the world today. Zara, Burberry, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and many more have shown the way in our recent times. With so much fashion status given to Instagram in the world of fashion, it is fair to call it the King Maker in our new world.

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Created originally to be an image sharing app, Instagram does image and short video sharing the best on all social media platforms. With high quality content enabled, the platform allows for true viewer attraction. However, you must take the right routes in order to be come the next king in the world of fashion.

You’ll Need a Solid Base to Launch From

Probably the hardest phase is the initial one with Instagram marketing. Yet, any Instagram marketer needs a solid base to launch from. This means that you will need a good number of follower sand interested audiences to really kick start your Instagram marketing campaign.For brands looking for the quickest way to succeed on the social medial platform, getting services from Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers is never a bad idea.

Considered unethical by many, this is yet the quickest most efficient way to launch into the Instagram marketing stratosphere. Fashion brands are easy to multiply in terms of followers and interested audiences. You will get many Instagram Comments with mentions, shares, likes from friends of followers and a multiplied number of followers in quick time.

Share Attractive Content in Attractive Ways

Now that Instagram has become one of the best places to be for fashion brand marketing, it is also one of the most competitive. Only the best brands lead the race to becoming successful on the platform. Sharing good quality content is only half the story now.Although, you will need to be quite attentive with this half of the story as good quality content in shape of images, videos, posts and shares needs to be as groundbreaking as possible.

Often, unique and never seen before content gets instant success provided it is still relevant and attractive in any strange way. Take the example of “Daddy Couture”, the fashion genius innovated with a unique way of sharing their products by making weird look sexy. You will need to have truly attractive content for sharing on your profile and also share it in the right way to gain instant success.

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Make Your Stories Shine

Instagram Stories have fast become a strong contender for the most viewed content. For brands with an actual physical presence, these stories can depict much more than attractive fashion items to purchase. You can integrate these strongly into your daily chores becoming the center of attention for your followers.

Swipe Up Links Do Best

Introduced not so long ago, Swipe Up Links in stories and posts have gained much popularity on Instagram. Very important for fashion brands, these swipe up links do the best job of engaging users that follow you. Best selling products can be featured on these swipe-up links leading followers directly to your landing pages.

Feature in Search Panels

Search panels on Instagram are very popular places. To appear on one, you need a post that is worthy of being therein every way. Your post needs to have a good amount of likes and it needs to be attractive from every standpoint. Once you get there, your posts with fashion products should attract new followers by appearing in their search panels.

Hashtag It as Much as Possible

Hashtag is probably the most significant free Instagram marketing too available today. By simply adding hashtags on your posts with attractive content in them, you can gain so much popularity. Instagram works with hashtags just like you expect it to. Once a hashtag becomes popular enough, it pulls viewers and visitors from all corners of the social media platform multiplying your follower numbers quite dramatically.

Every new post that you send out should have relevant hashtags in it. Fashion industry is automatically so popular among the masses that hashtags are already up there amongst the most searched. Once your hashtags become part of the Instagram supply chain, your attached posts, content and products will soon follow the charm bringing unmeasured populace to your profile.

Time Your Posts Just Right

Right alongside any other discipline of sharing on Instagram, choosing the right times is the most important. Instagram users tend to use the app during certain times of the day(most of them at least). For fashion brands, since they will be focusing literally everyone, choosing the most popular times for posts to appear at the top of people’s feeds is important.

Usually, the early window of 8-10am, afternoon window of 1-2 pm and evening window of 8-10 work best for fashion brands. You can also do post scheduling intelligently when unavailable to do them on these times yourself. All this works great making your fashion brand the next king on the horizon.