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How to Hack Someone’s Whatsapp: Best Whatsapp Hacking Apps iPhone & Android

There is a group of people that want how to hack someone’s WhatsApp on an iPhone and Android. The best Whatsapp hacking apps available on the web internet provide services for monitoring Whatsapp accounts.

Social networking apps these days are one of the most fascinating and popular social platforms in the world. People no matter what there are using instant messaging apps no time ever before such as WhatsApp Messenger.

Even young kids and teens use social media apps in order to socialize with fellow WhatsApp users via their Phone devices.

They do plenty of activities on WhatsApp using their iOS, and OS cell phone gadgets. Employees within business organizations use it as a communication tool in order to perform business-related tasks.

Even people in a relationship such as a partner and a spouse also use it to have free conversations with loved ones on their Phone devices.

WhatsApp has provided plenty of features that actually fascinated the users a lot such as private chat messages, chat conversations, share media files, audio and video call conversations, and Voice messages. However, Let’s get to know who these people are.

Top The Best Apps to Hack WhatsApp Messenger On iPhones & Android?

Several applications are floating on the web that offers plenty of features to hack someone’s WhatsApp account remotely. Here is the following you can use on the target phone to monitor and track the social messaging app on the target phone remotely.






Hack WhatsApp Messenger Chats & VoIP Calls with Spy App

TheOneSpy, mSpy and Flexispy are the best hacking tools for WhatsApp Messenger remotely on another phone. You can install it on the target cell phone device active with the instant messenger.

You need a one-time physical access on the target cellphone device to configure WhatsApp hacking tool. Further, you can use its powerful features given below to get the job done.

Features to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp

Record WhatsApp calls remotely

See Text messages, chat, call logs, Photos, Video, and media-shared files

Take Screenshots

Screen recording of Whatsapp

View Whatsapp Status & Contact number

WhatsApp keystrokes 

View installed apps

Users can use the given features by using the FlexiSpy, TheOneSpy, Clevguard, mSpy and OgyMogy online dashboard to read WhatsApp messages and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls without rooting devices.

FlexiSpy is the best app that work on both Android & iPhone but you need jailbreak devices for iPhone monitoring.

Who Wants to Hack WhatsApp on an iPhone & Android?

Parents want to spy on WhatsApp Messenger on their kids and teens’ Phones for digital parenting reasons. Young kids and teens are very fond of iPhone devices and use WhatsApp social messaging apps.

Cyberbullies, stalkers, and sexual predators have made the messenger vulnerable for young teens to the fullest.

Furthermore, employers want to know each and every single activity the target employees are doing on the company’s devices like phones, and MAC PC, via the WhatsApp hacking apps.

Tracking employee’s Whatsapp messenger on iPhone & android devices would be worthy enough for the bosses to get to know about their private chats within working hours.

However, spouses and partners also want to know the hidden talks and activities of the partner to avoid being cheated. These are the main reasons that force these people to hack WhatsApp on iPhone & Android.

Best WhatsApp Hacking Apps To Track Someone WhatsApp on iPhone & Android

Here are apps that empower you to hack WhatsApp Messenger on your target Android or iPhone devices. Let’s discuss the WhatsApp hacking apps in the following:

FlexiSpy Best Whatsapp Hacking App

Flexispy is one of the classics of the spy industry. So, you can get your hands on multiple WhatsApp hacking apps; you name it. You can use WhatsApp tracking Features to read text messages and chats conversation discreetly.

It will let you capture social network activity and upload the data to its web control panel. Users can hack someone’s WhatsApp with Flexispy and get their hands on the photos, videos, and audio, shared files.

You can record & listen to Whatsapp Voice & video calls remotely. Flexispy enables you to view the text messages, chats, contacts on WhatsApp Messenger. Read more FlexiSpy app review

FlexiSpy cost price

FlexiSpy offers three plans for users lite, premium, and extreme packages. Flexispy premium package plan offers social media tracker apps without VoIP calls, Extreme Plan has all features. You can get a package according to your need.

Clevguard For Whatsapp Hack

Clevguard is the best choice for parents and is known for being the best parental monitoring software to safeguard kids online. You can monitor and track social communication on the world’s popular IM network –WhatsApp.

Kidsguard allows parents to read WhatsApp messages, track WhatsApp calls, and WhatsApp status, and monitor media files. Users can also check videos, photos, Voice messages, VoIP calls, and others.

Parents & employers can maximize the information using WhatsApp hacking tools offered by Clevguard. This app has many other features if you know about click on the app review Kidsguard pro.

KidsGuard Whatsapp has 3 plans for customers, one month, three months, and one year, If you want to monitor only WhatsApp of target person then, Kidsguard is best for you.

mSpy Best Whatsapp Hacker

mSpy is the parental control software that empowers you to monitor social networks, including WhatsApp Messenger. Users can track social messaging apps on Android and iPhones without facing hassles.

mSpy has many features to spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.

You can track location, view SMS, and record the live screen of WhatsApp to monitor messages, chat conversations, and media. mSpy is the best parental control app to track WhatsApp without them knowing.

TheOneSpy Best App to Hack Whatsapp

TheOneSpy is the best app to hack WhatsApp Messenger on another Android and iPhone. It is easy to install and secretly monitor text messages, chat conversations, and group chats on social networking apps.

TheOneSpy works on rooted & non-rooted and jailbreak devices and provides you with timely results. Users can also monitor WhatsApp for sharing media and files.

Apart from WhatsApp, TheOneSpy can monitor live & record Whatsapp calls, browsers, messages, GPS location, and keystrokes.


OgyMogy is parental control & spy app that works on cell phones without them knowing. It is known for hacking someone’s WhatsApp messages, chats, media,  and voice calls without root on Android phones.

The app has a great piece of efficiency and accuracy. You can use its state-of-the-art spying and hacking tools for WhatsApp Messenger.

OgyMogy has powerful hidden WhatsApp hacking tools that can secretly view the logs of instant messengers. Users can activate the OgyMogy web control panel to activate features to spy on WhatsApp secretly.

How To Hack WhatsApp on an iPhone 

You can Hack WhatsApp on the iPhone with the help of a cell phone tracking app for the iPhone & Android. All you need to do is to subscribe to the mobile phone surveillance software for the iPhone.

You will get the passcode and ID via an email sent to the email address that you have provided, at the time of subscription.

Furthermore, you need to get physical access to the target phone device and install it on it. Once you have ended up with the process successfully, you need to activate it on the iPhone and then use the credentials to get access to the iPhone spy app online control panel.

Once you have got access and then visit the iPhone monitoring tool that enables you to hack WhatsApp on an iPhone within no time.

Install the App to Get results of Hacking WhatsApp on iPhone & Android

Read how to spy on iPhone Whatsapp account. If your target person has an iPhone & android gadget, then you need to download the app on the target device. When user has completed the installation process.

Go to login online dashboard view Whatsapp call & chat logs, voice messages, listen & record calls remotely. It will provide the user best activities results and WhatsApp hacked.

How To Hack WhatsApp on an Android 

You can use Phone bugging app and get your hands on WhatsApp logs such as private messages, chat conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared media files, and Voice messages and it is also coming up with WhatsApp Group video calling logs in the near future.

Furthermore, a user can also use WhatsApp live screen recording of the Android spyware to hack WhatsApp on Android Phone devices.

It enables a user to make back to back short videos of the target Phone screen and then send it to the online control panel. A user can view the results through a web control panel or through the installed Dashboard app for Phones.

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account Remotely

Are you looking forward to hacking someone’s WhatsApp account remotely? We will explain how to hack someone’s Whatsapp secretly.

Employers who use WhatsApp as an important communication tool at work and want to keep eye on all the messages their employees pass through the app.

They can easily track their employee’s WhatsApp and monitor all their WhatsApp conversations. Let’s see how to hack the WhatsApp of kids and employees.

Modern technology era, we have tracking software that helps us to hack someone’s WhatsApp account secretly. There are many tracker apps on the market, but the trick is finding the most authentic one.

WhatsApp tracking tool works on the target device and how you can use it to hack someone’s WhatsApp account.

Is it Possible to do Hack Someone’s Whatsapp Secretly?

Yes, WhatsApp hacking has become possible over the years, and you can do it remotely unless you know the top hacking ways to take over someone’s WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp monitoring gives you valuable information, like chat logs, messages, media files, photos, videos, and Voice call logs.  What triggers people to monitor conversations and other activities on the social messaging app?

How Does Whatsapp Hacking App Work?

You will go to their website to get an app license. Once you have been bought app then, you will login to account. After login install & download the app to the target device. You need one-time physical access to the targeted cell phone. Once you installed the application on the targeted device then, you do not need access to their cell phone.

However, if you want to target an Android phone, you’ll need physical access to their phone to install apps on that device.

You can install the app on their phone during their absence so that they don’t find out about the app.

Once the app is successfully deployed on the target phone, you can start tracking their WhatsApp activity. From your own online dashboard, you can remotely monitor their WhatsApp activity anytime, anywhere.

These are spy apps for Android without access to the target phone making it easy to secretly hack someone’s WhatsApp.

Why Would Prefer To Hack WhatsApp Account On Someone’s Cell Phone?

Individuals have different problems and reasons to Hack on WhatsApp account remotely.

Here are the following people that would love to monitor social networking apps on another phone without physical access to the phone:

Parents want to monitor WhatsApp chats & VoIP calls.

WhatsApp chats, messages, and audio-video calls could lead young kids to online predators and explicit online activities. Young kids are more likely to become victims of stalkers, sex offenders, and sexual assaults.

Teens are more likely to use social messaging apps to interact with strangers in WhatsApp groups. The social messaging apps also enable young users to access adult WhatsApp group links that force kids involve in explicit activities online.

So, parents have no choice other than to hack the WhatsApp account on someone’s cellphone.

Employers want to hack media files & data sharing on WhatsApp.

Business professionals have allowed their employees to use the instant messenger WhatsApp for business communication. So, employees send and receive text messages, make audio-video calls, and share videos, photos, and files with other employees and their clients.

So, employers have to hack WhatsApp accounts on business devices to keep a check on their employees to prevent data theft and intellectual property. Employers face internal and external threats via social networking apps, including WhatsApp.

Hacking someone’s WhatsApp account has become a norm, and employers are looking forward to taking over employees’ WhatsApp no time ever before.

How To Hack Someone WhatsApp Text Messages On Another Phone

Do you want to read text messages and chat conversations on social messaging WhatsApp? You can spy on text messages on the instant messaging app unless you have WhatsApp spy software at your disposal.

You can install it on the target device active with the social messaging apps to hack and monitor text messages logs, and chats conversations with schedule. Users can also use tools, like a screen recorder on cell phone to record back to back videos on the target device to read live text messages on WhatsApp messenger.

How To Hack someone’s WhatsApp Account To Record & Listen to VoIP Calls

WhatsApp hacking has become necessary for individuals to record and listen to VoIP calls audio and video on cellphones. Can we hack WhatsApp calls on cellphone devices?

Users can record and listen to WhatsApp VoIP audio-video conversations unless they have a non-rooted WhatsApp VoIP call recorder at their disposal. You can visit the web to get your hands on the best hidden call recorder apps for WhatsApp. You need to use a WhatsApp call recorder with the following attributes.

  • Use hidden and undetectable WhatsApp hacking apps to record live phone calls.
  • Use a non-rooted WhatsApp spy app to hack audio-video calls on a cellphone

Use an application that hack WhatsApp calls remotely on the target mobile

How To WhatsApp Hack On Target Phone Without Using App Or Free?

Several WhatsApp hacking and monitoring solutions are available, and we have discussed them earlier. Moreover, you can hack and monitor WhatsApp without using a third-party application. Here are the methods to use to spy on WhatsApp on another device:

How to Hack WhatsApp Account by Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

You can WhatsApp hack on another phone unless you behave sneakily. You need to have the target phone active with the social messaging app. Keep an eye on the verification code the target device receives using a mobile number.

You can use an open social messaging app on your cellphone and use the target device’s contact number. The number should link to the target WhatsApp account.

Do an attempt to login to the WhatsApp account. Moreover, you need to look at the pin received on the target phone screen active with the WhatsApp account.

Enter the verification code instantaneously that you have stolen from the target device, and you will get complete access to the target WhatsApp account.

It is not as effective as WhatsApp hacking tools. Because the target person will realize sooner that someone has got access to the account, and he will retrieve the account after a while.

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Using Chrome?

Do you know? Chrome browser helps you to hack WhatsApp Messenger. You have to log in to your computer device and visit the WhatsApp website.

Furthermore, you can scan the QR code using the target cell phone provided to your kids.

Every WhatsApp conversation, message, media, and voice calls activity will appear on your computer screen. You need not install any third-party application to hack WhatsApp on the target device.

WhatsApp users will receive the notification frequently when they have opened the target person’s WhatsApp on their PC scanning the QR code.


 Parents and other people that wish to hack WhatsApp on another phone should go for the best apps to hack WhatsApp rather than using hectic ways to monitor social networking accounts. TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, mSpy, and Flexispy are the top brands that empower you to spy WhatsApp on the target device without them knowing. The top WhatsApp monitoring brands have powerful tools to hack WhatsApp messenger.


Some best apps like FlexiSpy, TheOneSpy, Clevguard and OgyMogy that empower you to hack someone’s WhatsApp account without them knowing. Parents can protect kids online from stranger dangers and explicit content. Employers can use it to check on employees’ chats and messages on social networking apps.
Parents, employers can know about how to hack WhatsApp on target iPhone and android of kids and teens, employees, and partners respectively with the help of spy app. You can also check this review post of TheOneSpy to know more about it.