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Best Telegram Tracker Apps To Monitor Telegram Messages & Calls

Choosing one of the best Telegram tracker apps to spy Telegram messages for Android and iPhones is very confusing. So to make it easier for you. Telegram is a trendy free instant messaging application. You can share text messages, videos, audio recordings, and music, and make audio and video calls with the Telegram application.

With its ongoing popularity, people tend to make calls through telegram more than conventional calls. But, of course, you need to be more careful while using it to protect yourself from security issues. here in this article, we have covered the best telegram monitoring apps for Android and iPhones.

List of Top Best Telegram Tracker Apps

FlexiSpy: Advanced monitoring software offers call recording, messages, chat conversations, even view deleted data, track GPS location and Keylogger, etc.

TheOneSpy: Discreet monitoring app with capture keystroke, record Telegram Call, share media files, Chats, and much more features at affordable price.

mSpy: Efficient tracking app has features such as screenshots, text messages, call logs, and tracking internet activity.

ClevGuard: Real-time monitoring software with features like chats, call logs, location, Keylogger, and website filtering.

Eyezy: Remote monitoring app has functions for call logs, chat conversations, Keylogger, and location tracking.

OgyMogy: All-in-one monitoring software with a call recorder, Keylogger, GPS location, screen recording, and reasonable price.

Why Do You Need To Spy on Telegram Messages & Calls Remotely?

Telegram is widely prevalent among teenagers, students, businessmen, and families. Different people from different age groups are users of the telegram applications.

Parents want to spy on Telegram messages of children online, and offline activities to save them from cyberbullying, predators, and scammers. That’s why parents want to monitor the telegram applications.

Then only the parent can know what their child is doing on their phone and with whom they are talking. Telegram spyware will provide a lot of information about the target person.

The reason to spy on telegram messages applications for couples can be sure whether the partner is loyal to you or not.

And in business, to be sure employees are not transferring confidential data to others. But mainly, parents use monitoring applications to protect their children from the dark side of social media.

Children can’t think like adults, so they are unaware of social media’s dangers. And they may start getting sexting and sharing nude pictures and adult content on social media. Not every person on social media is for a good purpose; some of them want to take advantage of children by bullying them.

When the child knows they are being monitored, they become more conscious and careful. So using a parental control application is the best decision that responsible parents can take.

Best Telegram Spy Apps to See Someone’s Messages on Telegram

There are many spy apps available on the market which you can use to spy on someone’s Telegram activity. We are writing on a few tracker apps such as FlexiSpy, TheOneSpy, ClevGuard, mSpy, and OgyMogy.

You can use these apps to see messages, chat conversations, share media files, and last seen recently.

Users can track call logs, hidden spy call recorder, VOIP calls, GPS location, internet browsing history, social media apps chats, and many other features.

FlexiSpy Telegram Tracker App

FlexiSpy app offers you all the spying features that you need to monitor the target phone. There is no risk in installing the FlexiSpy application because it is very safe and well-developed. The best telegram spy app for Android and iPhones is FlexiSpy which allows you to secretly and remotely spy on target devices’ online and offline activities. 

Not just only on Telegram, you can track all the incoming and outgoing call logs, Call Interception, VoIP call recording (Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, WeChat etc) entire phone gallery, default text messages, social media, and so on. You can get access to the target person’s phone, which helps you to see with whom they are talking and what they are doing online.


  1. FlexiSpy app Easy to use
  2. Live location tracking
  3. Best customer service and support
  4. Comprehensive monitoring capabilities
  5. Ambient recording
  6. Remote camera capture
  7. Offers more than 50 features


  1. Expensive
  2. Call Interception is not available on CDMA devices
  3. Jailbreak is required for advanced features

Price Of FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy cost price

TheOneSpy Telegram Spy App

The spying application, TheOneSpy, gives you the power to spy on many other instant messenger applications besides Telegram. Parents can read text messages and monitor shared videos and photos with the help of TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy is a feature-rich spying application. You don’t need to root the target Android device to use these features. It is the best parental control application that helps you to protect your child from texting an unknown person and its obsession. The process of installation is very easy. TheOneSpy Offer cheap services for new users


  1. Track GPS locations
  2. Call logs and recording
  3. Web filtering 
  4. Cheaper app for Android
  5. Keylogger
  6. Live 360 streaming
  7. Social media tracking and monitoring


  1. It is not available on iOS.
  2. The service of free trial is not available.

TheOneSpy Price

TheOneSpy Offer three Price packages for users:

Monthly: One month cost with all advance features $55

Quarterly: $36.7/month total 3 months cost $110

Yearly: $15.4/month & for 12 months total package $185.

ClevGuard Hidden Spy Telegram App

ClevGuard is a monitoring app that assists you to monitor Android and iPhone. It considers the best parental control app. You can track your child’s Telegram performances through the secret monitoring software.

It serves you with its effective feature list that empowers you to find your kids’ online performances including social messenger apps like Telegram. ClevGuard provides you security protection for your targeted person toward digital dangers.

Moreover, this software provides you peace of mind about your child’s digital actions. Users can illuminate everything you didn’t allow to your children. Regarding kid’s and employee’s safety keep in mind that ClevGuard is one of the best hidden spy Telegram apps for you.

It is an incredible application that enables you to know what your child is doing on their device. It is an amazing application with the best features like call logs, message monitoring, location tracker, key logger, browsing history, cell phone activated apps, contact list, calendar, and many more. Click on KidsGuard pro app review.


  • It is a screen Android gadget
  • It is non-rooted Android monitoring
  • It provides 100% online protection for your children
  • It is undetectable monitoring software
  • It is simple to install and use
  • It Tracks iOS and Android devices


  • It cannot turn the screen on more than one gadget
  • It never provides free preliminary

mSpy Telegram Monitoring App

mSpy is the most potent telegram spy application for Android phones. You can use the mSpy application on any browser. You can get information about the time of sending and receiving the message, with whom the target person talks, and what messages they exchanged.

It has the feature of a screen recorder, which helps you to see the disappearing messages (before they get deleted) through the dashboard.


  1. No need to root the device.
  2. Users can block websites and calls.
  3. You can monitor social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.
  4. Excellent customer service.


  1. Quite expensive.
  2. It doesn’t provide an update in real-time.

Eyezy Best Telegram Spy App

Eyezy is a parental monitoring application that works by installing it into your targeted device. It is a great opportunity to keep an eye on your kids’ online activities. It helps you to protect your child from online dangers.

The app allows the users to spy Telegram activities of the targeted person secretly. Eyezy update you about the target person’s Telegram messenger account.

It enables you to monitor Android and iPhone devices without knowing the targeted person. It stays hidden on your targeted device and monitors every online activity on the device.

Eyezy does not require the rooting option for Android devices at the time of installation. You can secretly know what your target person is doing while using the cell phone. It allows you to protect them from the harmful effects of the digital world.

Eyezy is a good app to track your incoming outgoing phone calls, read all SMS, monitor social media activities, read send or receive emails, track live location, know the user browsing history, and other phone activities. You can find the monitoring results from the SpyEra online dashboard.


  • It provides a quick installation system
  • The App works in stealth mode
  • It enables you to monitor phone-installed social media apps
  • No need to root the Android phones
  • Need to jailbreak the iPhones


  • It gives you a ten-day money-back guarantee
  • Small costly & Expensive App


OgyMogy is the most potent telegram spy app for Android Phones. You can record phone calls, and screen recordings, and block random calls and messages. Also, you can track the web browsing history of the target phone and block unwanted websites & applications.

GPS location of the target device by OgyMogy provides you with their whereabouts information. You can remotely take screenshots from the target phones, but you need to schedule screenshots via an online web portal.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Remote uninstall is available.
  3. No need to root the device.
  4. OgyMogy is undetectable


  1. Remote installation is not possible.
  2. Not compatible with the iOS device.


MobileSpy is one of the most reliable and effective spying applications. It is the best tool to monitor shared text messages, shared audio and video messages, and images. So that you can make sure your children are not exposing themselves to the threat.

Once you get the custody of target phones to install it, you can then spy on Android phones remotely. And if your children are out of your sight, you can use the MobileSpy application to track their location. You don’t need to root the target phones to use them.


  1. Get GPS location and set a geofencing alert.
  2. Track internet browsing history.
  3. Social Media tracking (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, and so on)
  4. Track all incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone.
  5. Keylogger feature
  6. Reasonable price


  1. It has no issues related to the surveillance.

How Does Telegram Monitoring Applications Work?

Once you select any app from the above-mentioned Telegram spy apps for Android phones. You can easily track the target person’s telegram activity. In most spying applications, the Telegram monitoring feature is included in the basic subscription plan, whereas in others, you need to make a premium subscription.

After the installation process gets completed, you don’t need again the target device to FlexiSpy, Clevguard, Eyezy, TheOneSpy, mSpy, or OgyMogy, on the Telegram application.

Simply by login into the web dashboard, you can remotely see their activities. These spying applications don’t leave a footprint behind.

The stealth mode of spying applications doesn’t let the target person detect that they are being spied on. You can see the call details, and messages, and send and receive messages through the Telegram tracker application.

These monitoring applications gather information from the target phone, which you can monitor through the dashboard.

Are You Searching for the Best Hidden Spy Telegram App?

Before taking you to the list of best telegram tracker apps for Android and iPhones, I would like to clarify how I select the particular applications to be best. To find the best among the best is really a difficult job. However, if you are searching for the best one, look at the following factors.


Since you are searching for spy apps for Android or iPhones. You need to check whether the app you choose is compatible with Android, iPhone or not. If the spying application is compatible with more devices, they are considered more promising.


You need to look for the price of the premium or basic plan. If Telegram monitoring is available on the basic plan, why pay extra money by choosing a premium one? Keep in mind that not every cheap application is bad, not the best.

Customer service

Best customer support with multi-language and multichannel to meet customer requirements. It would be best to choose an application that provides a live chat service.

However, spying applications that offer thousands of features but don’t have customer support are considered to be the worst ones. If they don’t have customer support, how they are supposed to solve the problem of customers? So it is a much-needed factor to choose the best telegram spy app.

Up-to-date website

It is very crucial for an application to have an up-to-date website. The websites should include all the necessary information about the applications, including how to install them, what features they provide, About Us, FAQ, and so on.


You need to look for a refund. So if you don’t receive satisfaction with the app features, you can get a refund. It helps you to be safe from fraud.


Check whether the features claimed by spying applications are available or not. Be sure before purchase.

Don’t forget to look for the record of VOIP calls, Instant messenger chat, keylogger, GPS location tracking, Keywords alert and blocking unwanted websites & apps, and social media tracking. Most importantly, the feature of the remote installation is needed.

How To Spy Telegram Messages or Calls on Android Devices?

Android is the most common operating system because it has the most users. There are many ways to check on telegram messages. But the most effective way is to use the Telegram tracker application.

There are many spying applications that work on Android devices. Let’s have a look at the best telegram monitoring apps for Android and iPhones.


In this 21st century, spying on others is not a hard job. This article contains the best telegram Spy apps for Android & iPhones. You can remotely monitor the target persons.