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Hobby Apps To Try Out if You Want to Pick Up a New Hobby

In fact, there is always a good reason to try a new hobby. If you want to indulge your curiosities and passions, there are some great Hobby apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store right now.

With the advent of the IT revolution, apps have become more dominant than ever. From fitness apps to health apps, there are endless options you can choose from.

Best Hobby Apps To Pick Up a New Hobby

As social distancing and lockdowns across the world become a new norm, people are looking for apps that could help them develop a new hobby.

It is time to let your creative ingenuity out and interact with intuitive apps. From learning to play the piano to drawing digital sketches, here’s a look at a few Hobby apps that you can take try and pick a new hobby:


If you’ve ever thought about learning to play the piano, now might just be the perfect time to try it. Skoove is an AI-oriented learning app that tailors the practice sessions as per the learner’s difficulty level. The app is highly user-friendly, performative, and navigational.

A decade ago, you cannot possibly get the same class and quality of piano lessons online as you would in person. Today, however, Skoove has made it possible for online learners to learn to play the piano without the shackles of time and a strict schedule.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to set a goal to become a professional pianist. If you want to pick up on some of the basics of piano keys and tunes, Skoove couldn’t be a perfect portal. You can check a variety of song selections and hand techniques to improve your online piano sessions.

What’s interesting is that Skoove offers you consistent feedback about your performance. If you’re starting out, try the beginner’s level rather than pay thousands of dollars to an expensive piano instructor to learn the basics.


Sometimes you need to cut out the noise and stress of the outside world. In fact, the same stress can mutate and impact your health over time. Meditation, however, has the power to restore calmness in your life. Although you can learn to pick up on meditation from an in-person trainer, an app would be a better start.

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Headspace is arguably the most reputable app when it comes to meditation. The app can help you improve your concentration and mitigate symptoms of physical pain, anxiety, and depression. If you’ve been meaning to begin your meditation for a while but haven’t had the chance to do so, Headspace is a great starting point.

Think of the Headspace app as your pocket meditation guide that you can access anywhere and at any time. And the meditative exercises Headspace offers are based on clinical research and proven studies.

Mindfulness experts managed to devise most of the meditative exercises in Headspace. So, if you’re ready to start your personal growth and become more generous and kind, the Headspace app can help you get there through mindful exercises.

The exercises in Headspace can help you control anger, understand new changes, and deal with loneliness. However, the best aspect of the app is that it caters to each individual’s specific needs. It means your meditation sessions would be relatively different from others.  


You’d be surprised what crystal healing can do for your body and mind. The mystery of the stones comes down to astrology and the principles of nature. At first, you might think of it as a superstition, and that’s fair. But many people start to collect stones or gather their information as a new hobby.

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The stone app offers a sense of spiritualism and emotional guidance that you ordinarily won’t find in the tangible world. The stone app provides in-depth knowledge about a multitude of crystals. Ultimately, the app is a glossary of the most fascinating and healing crystals in existence.

The interactive navigation and simple user interface make it easy to view the pages of crystals and images. Once you click on a healing crystal, the app will direct you to its common characteristics, history, and uses. You can even search for a stone by a mood or rare name.

SketchAR Best Hobby App

From the user interface, the app may just come across as a smart way to draw better, but the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Sketch AR can spark the same basic level of creative effort you may have exercised as a kid.

Essentially, the app makes you want to draw more with straightforward lessons and features support. Furthermore, you don’t even have to draw full sketches. Instead, draw sketches of figures, faces, or arms to master the basics first.

After that, you can move on and draw plants, food, anime characters, landscapes, portraits, or animals. On the other hand, you can also use the app to fill out specific details, draw guidelines, and outline a sketch.

In fact, Sketch AR will help you step-by-step throughout the drawing process. And that’s the part that makes it so exciting to draw lines. Your only objective in Sketch AR would be to focus on the lines the app displays.

Although the app does not provide a separate library of third-party images, you can conduct searches from outside sources. Similarly, you can use the app to draw on paper or within the device. You can also draw on a wall and floor through an integrated feature of augmented reality. App users can connect Sketch AR with glasses for a more intuitive experience.


There has never been a more urgent need for people to take a break from the stress-induced social media realm and pick a new hobby. A hobby that can help you cope with your personal problems and deal with the world.

In fact, even the continuous consumption of television news can trigger anxiety and frightfulness about the global order. So, it makes sense to let your creativity out in the open and pick a new hobby that can help you see yourself better.