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The 5 Stages To Develop An iPhone Application Successfully

When we think about creating an iPhone application, it is very important to be very detailed in design and usability, since it is what users will perceive. According to the book “Designing apps for mobiles”, in order to successfully develop.

The process of developing a brilliant iPhone app starts with a brilliant idea. Here, you need to brainstorm to select the best option from available ideas. It could be some utility app, programming app, gaming app, educational app, business app, native app, Hybrid app or anything else. Once you have selected the best idea, it’s time to arrange utilities to bring that idea to the table. Here, you need to arrange a Mac as Apple offers multiple iPhone development tools only on Mac. You will also require Mac to get your app up in the App Store.

Now once you have Mac to start the process, you need to register yourself as an Apple developer. Here, you need to register yourself as an Apple Developer to start using Mac tools. While the registration is free,you need to agree to their basic terms & conditions. It will only require once to register with them, and you will be able to use the same username and password for iTunes account. Once you become an Apple developer, you can easily develop iPhone app for any of the Mac products.

Let’s Discuss Stages to Develop an iPhone App

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Stage 1: Download SDK & XCode:

Now as you are official Apple developer, you can download the SDK for your iPhone. The version of Software Development Kit of SDK you will require may vary as per the operating system you are using right now.Here, the SDK file would be huge that will include numerous documentations,sample codes and lot other things. It may take several hours to download.

In addition to SDK file, you will also need to download XCode if you don’t already have it. Here, XCode is your Integrated Development Environment or IDE that is available for free and helps you develop your iOS apps. You can download it directly from Mac App Store. You can use XCode to write & edit code, debug, use storyboards, test your app and do multiple other things. It will also help you upload your app to the App Store.

Stage 2: Write the Code or use templates:

Once you have downloaded the basic files for iOS app development, it’s time to write code. To do this, you should have a clear understanding of the basics of Objective-C programming language. But before that, you can draw out your app idea in Photoshop or paper. You can also use templates provided in SDK to start designing the app. Here, you can find numerous templates to choose from. You can also find ways how to use these templates on video tutorials on YouTube. Now when you have started designing an app using templates, you can start coding app using Objective-C. This smart language helps you take necessary screenshots when needed to help you remember what you have tried. Here, development & coding process may take a few hours to few months depending upon how much detail you want in your app.

Stage 3:Connect the UI:

Working on UI or code first could be a debatable question, though as you have worked on code part it’s time to work on UI. Here, you need to work on display screens, appearance, functionalities, and overall user experience. Here, you need to design everything where a person may interact with your app.

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Stage 4:Test the app:

Now when you are ready with your iPhone app, it’s time to test it. To do this, you can begin with self-testing. Next is to take help from people around you as you need to ask them to test your app for you. If you have an in-house testing team then it would be a great help. You can even use online testing tools and simulators to test your app for improved user experience. While testing the app, you will multiple bugs & issues that you need to fix constantly on regular basis.

Stage 5: Submit your app for approval:

This is the last step, you need to perform. Once you are ready with your iPhone app,you need to submit it on App Store. Submitting app on App Store usually cost you $99.

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If you are an iPhone app developer, then these steps would be helpful for you to develop an app in a seamless manner. While these steps include all basic stages that require to develop a new iOS app, it may vary to some extent as per practical usage. Furthermore, if you have tried developing an iPhone app recently then feel free to comment below with more suggestions.